Need Someone to care for your elderly?

Yes! Send them to us... we’ll do more then that..

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We at Reach Out...! understand how difficult it is, in today’s fast paced world, for children to look after their beloved parents. With this in mind we have set up a Home for the Aged in very tranquil surroundings, amidst lovely green fields, near Mapusa City at Pirazona vado, Moira Bardez, Goa. The Old Age are invited to unshackle themselves from a life of pollution and stress. The Home is very beautifully laid out, away from the road, the rooms are well appointed and comfortable. Yes it is a real beautiful home. There is medical care on hand round the clock to Care for the Aged.

Most importantly, there are dedicated staffs to care for your loved ones with a ready Smile and a lot of Love & Kindness. The entire staff at Reach Out...! is committed to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being of the Aged, to live a full life, despite of their age and illness, and above all to provide the care, comfort and security so essential for a life of dignity and self esteem. The elderly surely deserve nothing less. So come and have a look at our work. And we are sure you will be happy to have your beloved elderly in this wonderful home.

Simon helped Jesus to carry His Cross.

A man happened to come to me and requested me to assist him in dressing the wounds of his friend. I asked him where he came from and who told him about me. He said, “I saw the board with Reach Out..! & two hands and then I thought this very hand would help me,” thus he approached me. Read on